Food Service

Coffee Drives Loyalty

An exceptional cup of coffee can be the reason customers decide your restaurant is one of their favorites. We take pride in offering coffee so good that it becomes a major driver of our food service clients’ visit frequency and profits. From quick service to fast, casual convenience to hospitality, Distant Lands provides your customers with coffee they will come back for again and again.

Your Partner for Success

How do you get customers to come back? It’s the coffee! The simple truth is that good coffee drives loyalty and business, and Distant Lands excels in delivering exceptional coffee. We do this by first carefully selecting and building long-term partnerships with the best green coffee farmers and mills worldwide. Then, we control the variables all the way through the process–from seed to cup. The result is consistent quality, just the way your customers like it. Distant Lands coffee experts will help you develop your best blends, understand your particular customers’ likes and dislikes, and take into account regional taste preferences. The result is proprietary blends perfectly suited to your customer base. Our account service team can also help you design your coffee delivery system, select equipment, and create operating manuals and training programs.