Craft Roasting

Roasting to Perfection

Each coffee bean has its own perfect degree of roast depending on how and where it was grown, the varietal, size and shape of the bean, processing, and storage. Our skilled roasters account for those variations in the amount of heat applied, or the flow of air through the roaster. This ensures that each roast brings out its unique characteristics.

The true measure of roasting success is determined by the final taste in the cup. Specially trained Distant Lands Quality Assurance personnel test each batch of coffee beans to ensure that their flavor profile is exactly what the client has ordered.

Our Roasting Facilities

Renton, WA
Located near Seattle, our Renton facility comprises a green coffee warehouse, a state-of-the-art roasting and packaging operation, a distribution warehouse, and the company’s main headquarters. The roasting and packaging operations (17 million pounds capacity) was designed to produce high quality private label coffees in multiple packaging formats.

Tyler, TX
Located just east of Dallas, our Tyler plant was designed and built from the ground up in 2003. The plant is a model of quality coffee roasting and packaging. It can roast large volumes of coffee (28 million pounds annually) while still incorporating the artisans’ touch needed to produce specialty coffee.