Global Coffee Network

We Source the World’s Finest Coffee Direct from Origin

Distant Lands La Minita Green Coffee Trading Division ( has long-established relationships with premier specialty coffee producers, millers and exporters around the world. We trade over 400,000 bags of premium Arabica coffee annually. The company owns trademarks from the origin countries of Costa Rica, Colombia, Guatemala, Sumatra, Brazil and Ethiopia.

The Green Coffee Trading team works in origin countries with producer partners to implement coffee quality production controls and measures. We invest in the success of our partners, sharing agricultural production and milling best practices, along with our expertise navigating certification audits and compliance.

Every coffee we trade is evaluated for quality multiple times throughout the supply chain. The coffee must pass each test before it can progress to the next stage, from origin to pre-shipment. Our Quality Services Group tracks and monitors all steps of quality assurance, exporting, processing and shipping. They guarantee the excellence of our coffee, from origin to roaster.

Our persistent demand for highest standards assures that only the finest coffee is shipped to artisan roasters. The division also provides green coffee for private label client coffee roasted by Distant Lands.

The company’s vertical integration and quality control process provides transparency and traceability from origin to final customer. This unique chain of control means that our green coffee trading team is able to deliver consistent quality and taste to our roaster partners.